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Welcome to Frum Toronto

Welcome to Toronto. We live in Bathurst Lawrence are which is the more orthodox Toronto neighborhood, located south of the city.

This neighbourhood is close to downtown and our house is right in front of the subway station Glencairn.

Within walking distance you have here is a huge variety of synagogues (shuls) like Minyan factors (as Itskovitch Bnei Brak), to Makpid Minyan and slow led by the Gdol-Hador, Rav Miller.
The nearest Synagogues are Shomrai Shabbos Chevrah Mishnayos, Marley Shul of Rabbi Oppenheimer and the more Israeli Minyan Shaarei Shomayim. There is also Sephardic Minyan!

There is nowhere in town an hotel which is within walking distance to a synagogue. If you are Shomer Shabbat and are interested in hosting accommodation and meals for Shabbat – we’re here!

We can only accommodate an average family, but there’s a few families really be happy if we refer families to them.

I did not say, but not boring here on Shabbat. What would you like?

  • Torah classes for men, women, or married students? You got it!
  • Activities for Children? You got it!
  • Huge playgrounds, and CN Tower View? You got it!
  • Oh, of course, on MOTZASH you can go to the huge Yorkdale mall, or to one of the dozens of kosher restaurants right here in the neighbourhood.

All fields Required

Specific hospitality required

Number of adults
Number of children